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Круглый стол МАГ на Конвенции ASEEES

В этом году на Конвенции ASEEES Международная ассоциация гуманитарев и журнал “The Bridge-MOCT” проводят кругдый стол, посвященный проблемам исследовательской этики в постсоветских гуманиатрных науках: Research Ethics in Eurasian Studies and post-Soviet Humanities.

Круглый стол пройдет в четверг, 20 ноября в 17:00 в Marriott San Antonio Rivercenter, 3rd Floor, Grand Ballroom Salon J 

Краткое описание:
The Roundtable brings together American and post-Soviet scholars to discuss “research ethics” (broadly conceived) in Eurasian studies, i.e. research involving human participants and research ethics boards, ethics in joint East-West projects, ethical principles in oral history projects, the structure of authority in the production of knowledge, plagiarism in post-Soviet humanities and the role of new media (e.g. The Bridge-MOCT newsletter) in safeguarding ethical standards in post-Soviet academia. The roundtable format allows a broad discussion across disciplinary and other kinds of borders and an active participation of the audience.

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