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Elena Gapova, Project Creator and Head Editor.

Prof. Gapova is the Founding Director of the Centre for Gender Studies at the European Humanities University. She is the Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology at Western Michigan University. Gapova’s research interests include gender, nation and class in post-communist societies; gender politics in the early USSR; post-Soviet intellectuals and the transformation of academia. She has co-edited four collections of essays “Over the Wall / After the Fall: Post-Communist Cultures through an East West Gaze” (Indiana University Press, 2004), “Women on the Edge of Europe (Zhenschiny na kraju Evropy)” (Minsk: EHU Press, 2003), “Women Histories in Eastern Europe (Zhenskie istorii vostochnoi Evropy)” (Minsk: EHU Press, 2002) and “Anthology of Gender Theory (Antologia gendernoy teorii)” (Minsk: Propilei, 2000). She is a creator and editor of a series of wall calendars “Women of Belarus: A Social History” (Minsk: EHU Press, 2000-2006). Gapova has published her articles in “Nationalities Papers”, “Studies in East European Thought”, “Gendernye Issledovania”, “ARCHE”, “Neprikosnovenniy Zapas” and other academic journals.

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Alexander Pershai, Development and Communications Executive and Managing Editor.

Alexander Pershai, Ph.D. (Cultural Studies, Trent University) has over 10 years of experience in development, research, and communications. He develops and coordinates academic and activist conferences, seminars, media and communications projects. Pershai provides expertise and training in gender-neutral language, diaspora issues, and social minorities. He contributed to “The Bridge-MOCT” project in 2012-2015.

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Olga Bukhina, Executive Director of the International Association for the Humanities.

Olga Bukhina is a translator, an editor, a writer, and an independent scholar based in New York City. She serves as an Executive Director of The International Association for the Humanities. Prior to that, she worked for the American Council of Learned Societies. She has translated over twenty books from English into Russian (children’s books, historical fiction, and non-fiction). She recently co-authored two children’s books “Your Language Is My Friend” (Moscow: Eksmo, 2011) and “Communication Actually” (Moscow: Eksmo, 2013). Bukhina’s articles about children’s and young readers’ literature are published in journals and scholarly collections in Russia, Latvia, and the U.S. She writes for several children’s literature websites and blogs.

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Anna Zhyn, Graphic Designer and Website Administrator.

Anna Zhyn is an independent artist and designer. She works with different media, including photography, painting, collage, small-scale sculpture and installations. Her interests range from contemporary culture to politically invested topics. Raised in entrenched authoritarian Belarus, Anna investigates socially charged subjects, including women’s rights, gender discrimination and other types of social and cultural oppression. Zhyn addresses various aspects of life, society and nature through her diverse identities.