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MAG-IAH Roundtable at the 2015 ASEEES Convention, November 19-22, in Philadelphia

IAH_logoAs an affiliated association of ASEEES, MAG-IAH has the opportunity to sponsor a session at each annual convention, providing only it is approved by the Program Committee. Next year’s conference theme, suggested by the incoming ASEEES president Katriona Kelly, is “Fact”. According, MAG-IAH intends to propose a Roundtable devoted to research ethics in post-Soviet academia and the West that will discuss how historical and anthropological research that use oral history and interview techniques, engages particular ethical issues of accountability and reliability, as well as questions of authenticity and authority. Participants would be expected to report briefly and informally on their own research, and then discuss more fully the various ethical issues that the use of live respondents for scholarly research can pose in post-Soviet societies, and the possible ways to address them. Bill Rosenberg ( has tentative agreed to serve as chair. If you are interested in participating, please let him know, with a cc to MAG Executive Director, Olga Bukhina (